The Most Hygienic Bin in the World? Make your business Covid-19 safe

The most hygienic bin in the world Longopac- the Most Hygienic Bin in the World?

Make your business Covid-19 safe by making small changes that make a big difference. Systems, procedures and equipment all needs reviewing, from washing our hands thoroughly; using sanitiser; to how we dispose of used tissues / wet wipes.

Looking for the Most Hygienic Bin for Coronavirus beating Waste disposal?

Our Longopac waste solution is unique in many ways. The main feature we want to focus on in this post is how hygienic these bins and bags are, they're used throughout the healthcare and food manufacturing sectors for this reason, which makes them ideal during this pandemic. In fact, we believe it to be the most hygienic waste bagging solution in the world.

Download the brochure the most hygienic bin in the world.

Why can we say this?
For several reasons! First, owing to the unique Longopac design, there is no need ever to touch the contents of the bin. To change the bag, the liner is drawn down from the bottom, leaving any residue on the rim to be pulled through inside the next bag and every bag is sealed - so it’s always clean and germ-free on the outside. 

Tying off of the waste can be completed after every use or periodically with no waste of plastic. 

This makes it the ideal bin for environments such as:

Hygienic, Water & Air tight,  Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

This eliminates ever having an open, overflowing or exposed waste bin again. What’s more our liners are also water and air tight.

Some other unique features of the Longopac system include how the liner:

  • contains 70% less plastic
  • half as thin as a regular bag yet four times stronger
  • can be changed super-fast, saving time
  • come in a variety of 6 colours for easy waste segregation
  • available in 4 strengths 

Please watch these two  short video's to fully appreciate why we believe the Longopac system to be the most hygienic in the world.

Traditional bins not sanitary

No immediate contact with the waste
Less risk for contamination
Avoid odour/pests/flies
Water & air tight

As our Longopac system has a continuous 60m liner, it can be used to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus in places like nursing homes, GP surgeries, office, canteen, toilets, public areas, washrooms, even at home. All contaminated waste that is generated must be placed in a closed bag so that any contact can be avoided. Using our hygienic waste system, simply seal off the bag with a cable tie and pull the liner through.

COVID-19 prevention in toilets

It is extremely important to properly dispose of tissues and wet wipes, in bins that can be fully sealed. The World Health Organisation has provided recommendations on prevention procedures to social health centres and nursing homes to stop the spread of contagions.  This is important following a review from the Health and Safety procedures for correct disposal of relevant infectious diseases, including Coronavirus. As of Monday 23rd March, these new rules require all nappies and incontinence waste must be bagged before placement in a wheelie-bin.

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